Vic Lee

Printmaker and Illustrator, Clerkenwell, London

Vic Lee is a London based illustrator and artist with a studio in Clerkenwell. He has had previous incarnations as graphic designer, postman, vacuum-cleaner salesman and cruise ship worker. He is a keen cyclist and ‘cwaffee’ drinker. 

"I am an artist in one sense and a profiteer on the other. I like to draw to make money. Though I have not drawn money yet (Future work - draw money - cut out the middle man). I don't consider what I do as work, as that may mean it's something I have to do - I love what I do.After being chased by dogs on a rickety bike at 6am on a winter's day with a handful of letters, it's a step up, so to speak."

A few years ago, while sipping an espresso in East Dulwich, Vic eyed up and down Lordship Lane. He took in the sights and sounds of this bustling street, the people, the ambience, the history and architecture, and felt inspired to capture it and tell its story, both old and new.

Each building and shop facade was carefully sketched and it began to come together as a moment in history. Once the illustration was complete Vic went down to the PrintClub in Dalston to get screen-printing. Everything was executed by hand - the illustrations, text and final printing.

Vic produces a set of limited edition print run of each of the streets depending on the area. These can range from 100 to 750, giving the people that live there the opportunity to buy and own a piece of their home and history.

More often than not, Vic chooses 300gsm Somerset cotton paper, keeping the Somerset mark in the corner and finishing each print with his own artist mark, signed and numbered.

Recently Vic has moved away from London street scenes to studies in nature and an imaginary exploration of fantastical birds. He has also worked on some rather interesting commissions, including the decorating of a Brompton in his distinctive black and white style, and a huge piece of street art in Walthamstow, which draws on tall tales and urban legends elicited from local residents and school children. Vic mixed local stories of horse thieves, wandering cows on motorways and baby Superman in with some fabrications of his own to create the illustrated monochrome mural on Wood Street, E17.

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