The Lady Ottoline, Bloomsbury by Marc Gooderham, available at Of Cabbages & Kings.

The Lady Ottoline, Bloomsbury


Product Description

The Lady Ottoline, Bloomsbury is from Marc's series of oil pastels focusing on the urban landscapes of Hackney and its surrounding areas, with both familiar and unfamiliar views. They capture the singular beauty to be found in those neglected buildings that have fallen into disrepair as the living city of London continues to evolve around them. As the face of London changes overnight, it's apparent that these views of the city, the architecture of crumbling and faded grandeur are beginning to vanish before our eyes. Desolate buildings, with their peeling paint, numberless front doors, and glimpses into empty rooms through uncurtained windows invite contemplation, of the lives once lived here, and the new lives that continue to do so.

Giclée print - A3 (297 x 420mm)

Limited edition of 25


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