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Large Bee Block


Product Description

Designed and made by Green&Blue in their Cornish workshop, the large bee block is a freestanding bee nest which can be placed in your garden or which can also be built into a wall or building to provide additional habitat for solitary bees. Each bee block contains cavities in which solitary bees can lay their eggs. The bees then seal the entrance with mud or chewed vegetation and the offspring emerge the following spring and repeat this cycle again. Solitary bees are non aggressive as they have no honey to protect, they will only sting if you squash them and even then their stings are not painful, they are therefore pet and child friendly and should be encouraged and cherished as a vital part of your local biodiversity.

Solitary bees are responsible for a third of all food we eat because of the vital pollination they carry out. Solitary bees don’t produce honey or live in hives. Because solitary bees have no queen or honey to protect they are non aggressive, so safe around children and pets. Solitary bees face decline due to more intensive farming methods, disease, use of neonicotinoids and habitat loss. Bee bricks create habitat for solitary bees, inspired by the natural way they nest. Bee brick needs to be placed in a warm sunny spot facing south east or south west. Bee brick contains cavities in which solitary bees can create their nests. One female solitary bee will potentially use around 5-6 cavities, laying 5-7 eggs in each cavity. Most common occupants of bee brick will be the red mason bee and the leaf cutter bee, You should expect bees to emerge from the nests in early spring – from March onwards. Males emerge first and after feeding await the females. Females emerge and also feed and then mating takes place, fairly promptly! Males die pretty quickly after mating. Females begin the nesting process straight away. Females will commonly reuse the same nesting site.


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