Kate Reeves

Artist and Illustrator, South London

Kate Reeves studied Product Design at Brunel, West London and worked in Tokyo before settling in London with her little sausage dog and creating her own designs and mixed media illustrations under the label ‘MA’AM’.

She enjoys building compositions upon heavy weight hand-made rag paper, favouring it for its rough and yet delicate qualities. Her pictures are created mixing illustrative line-work, collage and needle work. Kate is not precious or confined to any particular approach, and enjoys experimenting with tools such as her sewing machine, which she uses to create exciting and unpredictable lines.

“For years making pictures has rewarded me with a huge sense of freedom and expression. I am drawn to the quirky and unpolished. Behind each piece I create, I will try to find ways to explore the more curious and unexpected elements of our human characteristics.”

Kate's pictures are all Giclée prints on 320gsm handmade cotton rag paper from India.

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