Form Pin by Tom Pigeon at Of Cabbages and Kings

Form Circle Pin


Product Description

Form is a collection of minimal, geometric jewellery by Tom Pigeon, inspired by mid-century modernist art and architecture. This simple circle pin is handcrafted using layers of Formica and solid copper or brass.

Working with a family-run etching workshop on the West coast of Scotland to produce the bespoke metal pieces for their jewellery, Tom Pigeon then polishes, assembles and finishes every piece by hand in the Tom Pigeon studio.

The metal on this brooch has been waxed to reduce oxidisation. Over time the metal will age naturally, developing a richer, darker tone. Due to the super thin, delicate design, we recommend that you treat your Form pin with care and store it safely in its box when not being worn.

Solid Brass or Copper Panel.

Diameter 28mm. Gilt Clasp.

Packaged in a traditional black stitched box with brass emboss.

Made by hand in Scotland.


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