Copperleaf Print

Printmakers, North London

Copperleaf Print is the North London print studio of Martin and Nesrin Mossop.

Martin and Nesrin had previously painted for many years, but in 2009 they installed a small press their home studio and began producing hand made prints of their work. While both artists share similar interests in nature and city life, their work is quite different in style.

Fundamentally ascetic in nature, Martin introduces a strong photographic element. He has always painted in oils and watercolour and his printed images are a combination of both painting and printmaking. Martin is also a member of East London Printmakers and Greenwich Printmakers where he mainly works in photopolymer etching and screen-printing.

Nesrin tends to work more with lino and photopolymer, and like Martin, also regularly pictures scenes from Hackney and the North London area.