Chase and Wonder


Chase & Wonder (aka David and Faye) met at a school called Cransley in Cheshire when they were just 5 years old. Their lives continued in differing directions. Faye impressed everyone with her fashionista skills and went to Edinburgh University to study fashion before being accepted to the prestigious Royal College of Art in 2005, and David traveled the globe before finally going to Central Saint Martins to study Graphic Design.

In 2007, now a couple, they both graduated from their respective colleges and went out looking for work. After interning for 6 or so months they both found themselves in employment, David at The Brooklyn Brothers as their first creative employee, and Faye was offered a job at Anthropologie over Christmas 2008, based in Philadelphia, USA. After 18 months she returned to England.

For a long time the couple had held the ambition to work for themselves and having collaborated a little during their time at college found they complemented each other well. David and Faye moved to Worcestershire, and are living the country life. In 2010 they converted a rural cow shed and set up Chase and Wonder where they design and print their British made products.

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